Day 1 Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse…..and Some Inner Thoughts & Stuff.

Back at it……as I tap my finger thinking about chocolate and whisky,  I have to go all the way with something or not at all. Our business is about to launch soon and I need my brain and body working to my best advantage. This means no processed foods, no alcohol, no tobacco, no smoking……, no television. Every now and then life can get me down when I have so many responsibilities and so little time to dream. When my stress is high I have found over the years I need to really take focus of my life on every level. This week I am challenging myself to reset myself: my health, my body, and my mind.

This time a year a ago I was smoke free, drank very little alcohol, spent most of my free-time in nature and away from the city, creating something, writing, or listening to music. I had taken a long journey to get where I was and it wasn’t easy. Once I decided to move out on my own I started to throw away a lot of the structure and guidelines I had carefully placed on myself, physically, mentally, emotionally….always interested in testing, learning, and pushing…whether it’s good or bad is another story.

I can’t condemn myself too hard though, without the lessons of bad choices we can’t expect to learn to make the good ones. I haven’t written anything down in almost a year…..I think out loud, I am unorganized, I constantly go astray, I feel like I haven’t done anything stimulating or thought provoking in a year. I needed this past year though to plan and evaluate the next one….I’ve decided, my mind feels bottled, boggled and I’m ready to return to my writing. Weirdest…health blog….ever 🙂



I prepared all my of raw things today. I buy a lot of raw almond butter, celery, raw cacao goji squares, live banana nut bread bars, nacho kale chips and lots of apples. I don’t believe in fully juicing my system completely and I like to start out the first two days eating raw prepared foods, fruits, nuts, and raw vegetables. I like to make the raw tahini almond salad dressing to eat with veggies…..or if I’m feeling lazy I’ll buy a bottle of Luna’s hemp dressing. It tastes like ranch…awesome.

This day sucks the most…day 1 you always start to feel good but then you’re feeling like you’re more hungry than you’ve ever been. I always end up drinking a ton of juice and alkaline water, I drink as much as I want until I start to feel satiated. The sooner your vitamin and nutrient malnutrition can start to balance, the less hungry you’ll feel. Once again you may not agree completely with my method but this is how I do it and how it is the easiest to me. I’ve gone through many varieties of cleanses and this way has had the quickest and more fulfilling outcome. Everyone I know usually quits from hunger.

However, the hunger you feel is actually much like a drug detox of fat and toxins beginning to run out of the system. Sugar and Salt are like drugs to the brain and once we begin to remove them you start to want them more. This only seems to last around 24-72 hours for me and really only bothers me at night when I’m bored, and would usually snack.

I am exhausted from preparing juice all day for the next one or so, as well as writing some insane web diagram to my web people…I’m totally beat. I set my clock for 11 am….I’m curious to see how long it will take me to wake up more easy and sleep more soundly.

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