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Beach Body Cleanse: Lunch Juice


This juice aids in so many other ways than just slimming your waistline. Think healthy, not skinny and you’ll get there. This is my lunch on Day 2 of our 7 Day Beach Body Cleanse. Always remember to drink a glass of purified water after each juice, stick to light exercise, and plan your cleanse around some personal down time where you won’t be distracted by food and alcohol. 😃✌️

AM Scram Juice Recipe (Organic)

AM Scram aka The Sweetie Tart

 It’s such a gloomy day out today, day two of the Spring rain. The dark rainy days are necessary though so that we can enjoy the beautiful ones. Everything is a cycle and when you damaging your own cycle the repercussions aren’t felt right away; however though,  when you do, it’s never good.

     We can fix a lot of our health issues which trace themselves back to vitamin deficiencies, we don’t have to accept that we can’t heal or help our genetically predisposed health problems. We can start putting the links back in the chain with vitamins and nutrients. No one could sit and have a break fast of everything that is in one pressed juice, or it wouldn’t be very pleasant to most people. Juicing gives you the benefit of eating a multitude of nutrients, vitamins, phytonutrients,  and micro nutrients, these things cannot be ingested with supplements. According to receiving vitamins naturally from foods has been shown to combat cancer; however, they did not see any progress when people took over the counter vitamins. Click here to read what has to say about the negative affects of pill vitamins on the body. My own personal nutritionist and doctor (my body), told me not to eat them anyway. I would vomit if I took  them without a ton of food, I don’t buy that something healthy would make me feel so terrible. Our bodies are our own personal doctors, if you get sick from something , feel bad, mood swings, stomach pain, organ pain, or bloat from something then don’t eat it, your body is trying to tell you something and it could be that this might kill me long term.  When I sold nutra-cutical vitamins, I learned that pressed pills get stuck in your villi, which is the soft folds on the inside of your stomach lining, they just sit inside of you for a long time undigested and their “nutrients” never reach your small intestine, where vitamins and nutrients are absorbed.

Here’s a tip, I learned that your small intestine is open for a vitamin delivery every AM, it will however shut if you ingest anything, don’t even brush your teeth, have your juice first thing to absorb the vitamins and nutrients to the full benefit. Then drink an 8 oz. glass of water, you want to have water after every juice. Swish the water around your teeth to remove the citric acid and then brush.









1 Pink Grapefruit peeled and de-seeded

1 Pink Lady Apple

3-4 Carrots

1 tsp. Fresh Peeled Ginger

1/2  Lemon  peeled and de-seed

1 Tangerine peeled and de-seeded