Fitness Preparation

 How to Prepare Mentallysexy-fit-women-9

     Do you really want to get in shape? Do you keep trying to get that body you know want and you keep slipping up, then giving up? Well I have done this many times myself,  the important thing is that we allow ourselves, to well, forgive ourselves. We aren’t doing anything wrong when we spring for a glazed doughnut or put off the gym for a week at a time.  We are looking for instant gratification, something that makes us happy for a very short time-length, but no long-term positives can be attained (stagnant life on a couch, unhealthy bodies, and leaving our brains on auto-pilot). junkfood2 If we could instantly become healthy, athletic, and intelligent we would, well most of us would. Unfortunately we can’t,  but it doesn’t mean it isn’t impossible. What we need to learn how to do is change our mindset, we all became programmed as we grew up, there is no reason we can’t “un-train” bad habits.  In order to achieve positive long lasting goals, we need to train our brains to think differently. I like to  meditate (usually when I’ m walking my dogs, no I don’t sit, for me walking makes it easier to achieve that goal) , I meditate on different questions, how have the negatives helped my life? How would I be different maybe had some of the bad things not happened to me?  I also like to talk myself through delayed gratification (like, you can’t watch Tosh.O until you’ve worked out, walked the dogs, and done chores), we need to be our own coaches. You will use these mental techniques in the gym, because some days you won’t want to workout. NO ONE wants to workout every day, but we become mental coaches and we tough talk ourselves.Try and keep an end of the day status journal, keep track of what you did and ate and your over-all mood, sometimes only we can tell ourselves how we really feel. Go over it later when your’re feeling lazy or feel like going on a binge, then you can see how it made you feel last time. This also teaches us how to get in-tune with our own bodies and recognize unhealthy patterns or even allergies. tree-of-knowledge   It is very important to not try and take on too much at once, and I don’t mean to use this as an excuse to be lazy; But don’t try and conquer the world in one day, allow yourself to ease into a healthy program. If you really need a day off then take a day off but do it responsibly: eat well, stay hydrated, and stretch. I find that if I take more than one day off from the gym I become very sore and stiff from lack of movement (I listen to my body and keep it light but not sedentary). I like to go to restorative yoga, not the fast paced kind, it is relaxing with slow movements. 26f375e95f32c6d9_Restorative_Yoga-Sequence.xxxlarge_1 And lastly, remember that this is a 70/30 partnership between diet & exercise. You can’t expect to lose weight by snacking on empty carbs and processed junk, then go to the gym. Chances are you won’t have the energy to even complete a workout. These foods don’t provide any assistance to your cause, they are designed to be addictive. This is where my recipes can really help you, or at least give you ideas on how to make healthy alternatives. A diet doesn’t have to be boring, we just need to be more informed of what makes us gain weight and what doesn’t (companies don’t want to lose money and say their food is unhealthy). We have been told our whole lives it is saturated and trans fats, the list is much longer than you can imagine and the negative chemical reactions are endless.  (read my “What the $%^# is Paleo” to learn more.) In the gym or where ever you feel most comfortable working out, what you eat is really going to come into play: soreness, stamina, lung capacity, strength, muscle health, bone health, fluids, balance, confidence, smell haha, and faster payoff. I see and know many women who workout very hard and never see the results they want, I have been one. If you want to attain better health without weight loss then exercise can help but if your really looking to transform your body into what you want, trust me feeling your abs under a layer of excuses is pretty disheartening to the whole process. Diet-Plus-Exercise

      So if you want to commit to these very simple but challenging guidelines, then you can reach your goal. We all have so much inside of us that is untapped, our body really is our vessel through life and we can’t keep abusing our bodies and expect it to love us back, we have to earn that love, treat our bodies right, and with respect.

I will begin posting weekly workout routines that I personally do that have been tweaked over the last 6 six years over many trial and error attempts of consistent quality weight loss. Keep in mind the Core Competency Course will be a slow climb, if it seems boring in the beginning don’t worry you will find it more challenging quickly (and if you find it too challenging along the way, either repeat the previous week or try the workout a few times until you’ve nailed it, there is a reason you’re learning these moves or else you won’t be able to do the harder more effective ones). I believe in teaching your body the way instead of throwing moves at it that will only leave you limping like some trainers if you’re a beginner.

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