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Paleo Introduction and How It Works


     I wrote an e-mail today to a friend who wanted information about Paleo, I kept the identity secret but thought that this e-mail might help out other people with similar questions. Enjoy. Feel free to e-mail me at paleofitniche@gmail.com for free diet coaching.


   Dear #####,
     I’d love to help you out. I also suffer similar skin problems, I have Celiac’s Disease which can account for around 80% of the country that’s Gluten intolerant. I used to be depressed because I’m a workout junkie and I wasn’t losing the weight, adult acne, dry AND oily skin, gas, flu like symptoms after meals, terrible joints and so one and so forth. Since I’ve changed my diet everything has improved a hundred percent.
      I like to do a combo of Paleo, juicing, and non-dairy smoothies. The first tool to help you more than any diet is to educate you and your family on what these commercialized, anti-nutrient, and over processed foods do to us.
     Grain and legumes fall into the same category of anti-nutrients. What this means is that the plant has a natural defense mechanism to protect itself from being eaten. How it does this is by coating our cells with a barrier that keeps us from accepting vitamins and nutrients. This same thing also happens when we eat things like potato chips with fake anti-nutrient oils and chemicals. These anti-nutrients also cause inflammation all over our bodies, accounting for pain and bloating.
     Dairy isn’t a natural thing for us to be ingesting. Cow milk is only for baby cows,and milk for humans is only appropriate for young toddlers, up until around the age of 6. Milk is a cellular growth food, it can speed up the aging process and how fast cancer cells grow once we are too old for it. It’s important to look for signs of bloating, gas, and mucus buildup after eating milk which can be signs of intolerance.  Some paleos eat cheese in small amounts, I try to avoid it for the most part just because I notice my bowel function isn’t right and I bloat and get gas. Milk also contains a lot of infection, unless you go organic you will be consuming a lot of cow utter puss from the infections they get (Gross I know) and when we consume diseased animal foods those same diseases can store up in our tissues, along with anti-biotics and bovine growth hormones (why girls get their periods earlier now a days, also a source of cancer as well).
     Then we need to look at sugar, sugar is in everything. The way we look at foods as being different in category doesn’t mean anything once it’s breaking down in our bodies, grain, processed corn, dairy, and fake sweeteners cause our insulin levels to spike and to encourage the onset of Type 2 diabetes which is reported to affect 1 out of 2 people in just under 10 years. A recent documentary I watched had a nutrition doctor giving a speech to a local school. He wheeled out a wheel barrow full of sugar cubes and dumped it onto the stage, then explained to the parents this was the sugar one child would consume in a year just from school milk.
     Sugar and Carbs are too easily found now, and so rarely found in nature which is where our real food is supposed to come from,.We would never rationally be eating grain and sugar in large amounts if we lived in our natural state like the cavemen did. Which is where Paleo comes from, it is a science based nutritionally balanced diet our ancestors ate during the peak of physical health for the human race and what we are still genetically geared to eat today, but with a twist so we can still enjoy cooking fun and delicious varieties of food.
*Haven’t we evolved?
Yes in the our lifestyles are different, which is why it’s even more important now that we eat better. In our day and age we need to fill our plates with healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Our digestive structure has not changed a bit.
*Didn’t cavemen die around 35?
Yes, but they didn’t have the advantage of modern medicine that we have today, child birth was very dangerous, and the quick fixes we have become accustomed to in the ER. However, the elderly that lasted still thrived better though, unlike today.
*Meat, eggs, butter, how about cholesterol levels?
The idea that consuming foods in high saturated fat and cholesterol has been medically debunked and now is just a tool for diet companies to sell their products. i.e the Framingham Study, the Honolulu Heart Program Study, and the Japanese Lipid Intervention Trial.
   Marketing campaigns by the food industry have confused everyone to know end, saying fat is the enemy and we should live on low-fat grain, corn, and rice based cereals loaded with sugar, crackers (sugar), and that whole-grain is some how heart healthy. They have their best interest in mind because it is a high yielding, low-cost product. Pharmaceutical companies also have a great influence because they supply drugs to “fix” or “band-aid” the problem which only end up making the problem able to stick around unnoticed until it develops into something irreversible like a massive heart attack, cancer, diabetes, or stroke.
Why eat Paleo food?
Your life will be enhanced. You will look good be healthy, feel amazing, live longer and have….
. Optimal Brain Function
. Balanced Moods
. Fat Loss
. Healthy Joints
. Strong bones and teeth (a paleo nutritionist told me during a seminar she had some people claim to regrow parts of teeth).
. Clear Skin
. Incredible Strength and Fitness
Here’s a few folks before and after Paleo
before and after paleo blake-before-and-after-copy1 paleo and crossfit compared to p90x
Here are some signs that your current diet isn’t working for you……
1. Body fat Storage: The World Health Organization believes that in 2015 2.3 billion over weight adults and 700 million or more will be obese (fat storage to the point of being unhealthy).
2. You’re a Serial Snoozer: The way you feel in the morning is an indication of your general health. At peak health our bodies will awaken naturally like a timer after 8 hours of sleep. We get up after struggling with which hygiene practice to for-go that morning for a few more minutes in bed, pump ourselves full of caffeine, then crash, and  day-dream about getting back to our bed’s. Sounds awful.
3. You Fart, A lot: Excessive gas shows us that the foods we’re eating aren’t good or working right with our digestive system. Sherry A Rogers, author of “Detoxify or Die” explains that the road to good health is paved with good intestines. Listen to your body, once you start eating clean it will let you know what foods it doesn’t want or recognize.
4. Skin Issues: Skin suffers the most after eating and drinking over the weekend. Inflammatory problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis are even more serious cries for help from your body, Topical creams don’t fix the root of the problem, which is totally fixable. Your skin is a the reflection of your health, if your skin isn’t good you are on a toxic overload. Once your gut becomes impaired and unable to alleviate these toxins it sends to out of your skin.
Inflammatory Foods to Avoid:
Sugar, poly saturated vegetable oil and hydrogenated trans fats, commercial dairy, processed and grain fed meat, iodized salt, alcohol (if you must drink try to stick to red wine and tequila), preservatives, imitation flavors, fake sweeteners, and additives…basically if you don’t know what it is either does your body. Read your labels before buying 🙂
The solution to these problems is to heal from the inside out so we can
*balance blood sugar levels, digestive support, reduced inflammation, improved detoxification
How do I change my mind to change my health? As told in The Paleo Primer
1. No excuses, with so many healthy recipes to choose from there are no excuses to not eat well.
2. Acknowledge to yourself this isn’t a diet…it’s a lifestyle.
3. Realize that health food does not mean bland and boring, most people think health is a chicken breast and steamed broccoli….would you eat a burger and just a bun? no way you’d dress it up, learning these new recipes is fun and once you realize healthy isn’t boring most people get over joyed, we all love to eat.
4. Know that no one can’t afford to not do this, people have a conception that health food is timely and expensive. It is better to invest a little more time and money into today and paying for tons of health care later and wishing we had lived differently. Plus who is tired of starting their day out feeling like complete crap?
5. Love that you can still have a social life, all you need to do is just modify your foods at a rest or ask for no bun, we don’t need to be rude about it or feel more informed but just simply state you have a sensitivity or allergy, let the rest know how to prepare your food, and let them know to expand their menu, we now see more diet friendly items on menus. GF, V.
6. Accept that you can live without pizza or cake, but you don’t totally have to. Many paleo friendly recipes include sweets and comfort foods but made with whole foods that don’t do as much harm and won’t leave you feeling off.
7. Believe that you will see results. It took a long time to get the way we are so we can’t expect a 6 pack in a month, it will take time but the benefits will show up in many ways and eventually to your ideal weight.
I hope this helps you out in understanding how it all works. I personally like to do juice cleanses to jump-start my healing process as well as eat paleo foods. If you have Netflix I recommend “Hungry for Change”, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, and “Food Inc.” in that order. It will educate very quickly and give you an extra push toward the goals you want and they are free to watch.
Feel free to keep contacting me about changing your lifestyle 🙂 its great practice for being a Health Coach.

Day 2 Week 1 Core Basics


This is another great core workout you can do at home or at the office. All you need is a Swiss Ball 🙂 most gyms carry them and they aren’t expensive to purchase on your own. You can either order them online or find one cheap sometimes at Tj Maxx or at Dick’s.

Reps: 15

Sets: 3 per exercise

Load: Body Weight

60 second break between sets

1. Crunch / Abs


Lay flat on your back and lift your chest up through your core, do not pull on your neck, rest your hands behind your head

2. Hip Raise

hip raise 2

Place a Swiss ball in between your ankles and squeeze to hold in place, slowly lift your butt and hips off the ground, engage and lift through your core, this exercise works your lower belly. You might feel sick when starting abs, this is normal just go at your own pace, breathe but don’t quit.  You will be surprised how stronger and how much you will improve each day, just because you can’t get it right today doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow or the next.

3. Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch

Squeeze a Swiss Ball between your calves and lay flat on your back, slowly draw your knees into your chest and roll up off of your butt and hips, lifting through your core. Do not jerk your legs up to your chest.

4. Roll Out

roll out

Start like figure A and slowly push out the ball with your forearms, and slowly roll it back in, like a giant ab roller, if your knees hurt place a mat under them or a rolled up towel at home  🙂

5. Kneeling Oblique Crunch

kneeling oblique crunch

Get into the position above and slowly side crunch over the ball, try and touch your elbow to the ball before releasing back up.

6. Mountain Climber

Mountain Climbers

Put your self into the push up position while stabilizing through the Swiss Ball, if your shaky don’t worry, this is good and is working your entire core. Slowly draw your knees up to touch the ball and release back, then do the same with the opposite leg. Make your switches quick but remember to use control, the longer we can hold a difficult position the better for our muscles.

7. Bench Tuck


I couldn’t find a beginners example of a tuck, which is a bench tuck. Tucks are not very hard, it’s the mount and dismount that is tricky, don’t worry you’ll get it real quick. I usually just start with one foot stabilized on the ball while in the push up position and once I’m stable I throw my second foot up.  However, the learning pose will have you with your hands on a bench. If this pose is too difficult then go back to ending your core workout with a bridge like Day 1.

Tips: If your self-conscious to learn new moves in front of a full gym then schedule a night you can go later or earlier to learn new things. No one cares though, promise 🙂

Week 1 Day 1 Core Prep Program

Week 1 Day 1 Core Prep


     When we start a rigorous fitness regime it is important we remember about personal safety. A serious injury can leave you unable to workout, as well as just being so sore you begin hating your workouts. Although, in the beginning of your training soreness will probably be a little worse, diet can help this. As well, as staying hydrated, make sure you always bring a water to the gym with you (please be responsible and buy a reusable water bottle, BPA free).  I like to add a tablespoon of


Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar http://www.bragg.com .



Start with 15 minutes of cardio to warm-up with for : increased blood flow to the muscles we’re going to use, flexibility, less risk of injury, increased performance, as well as physiological and psychological (use your inner coach) preparation.

If you’re new to working out, start out on a treadmill, it is going to be the least intimidating piece of equipment and can be conquered pretty easily (you can add leg weights for extra muscle toning, if you have bad joints, though I don’t recommend it).

Random setting is going to be your best bet for weight loss, and it is also easier to stick out a spike of intense cardio by knowing a less intense break is coming. You can also quickly increase your performance and lung capacity.  Start with 15 minutes, on level 5. speed 2.5, complete the cool down.

The Workout


15 Repetitions

3 Sets 

45 Second Break (use your timer on your smart phone, or if you’re old school just count in your head)

Use challenging weight in this workout, don’t be uncomfortable but don’t be comfortable, breathe

I like to start with a very challenging weight and then decrease with each set.

1. Crunch


Make sure you are working with negatives (holding a muscle in a pose for gains) here and let your body  hold the pose for at least 2 seconds before dropping back to your mat, also DO NOT pull on your head you can injure your neck. Learn to lift through your core. Breathe.

2.  Reverse Crunch


Roll your butt and hips up into this position by lifting through your abs, leg lifting exercises help us develop lower stomach definition.

3. Lower Body Twist


Keep your feet together and knees bent, slowly raise up to the middle and then lower to the other side, you will feel this is your core and this will also help reset your spine. Count left to right as one rep.

4.  Dead Bug


Alternate opposite sides

5.  Russian Twist


Start on your left, pause in the middle and swing to the right. Keep your movement steady and sit back far enough to feel a strain in your abs. Left to Right counts as one rep.

6. Lying Superman


Lay flat on your stomach and life your legs and arms as high as you can, pause for 2 seconds when you feel it working your core, then release to the ground with each rep.

7. Front Bridge


Hold your body in this position for 45 seconds


Beginner : Take one day of rest before returning to Day 2

Intermediate/ Expert: Continue on to another workout/target group the next day

Try not to run out and eat something gluttonous after working out, keep it healthy and nutrient rich to keep from dealing with cravings. Lots of water, protein/veggies, and no late night eating (for maximum appetite suppression, make yourself a Red Sunset  juice after wards to eat less at dinner).  See Post Workout Juices.