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Week 1 Day 1 Core Prep Program

Week 1 Day 1 Core Prep


     When we start a rigorous fitness regime it is important we remember about personal safety. A serious injury can leave you unable to workout, as well as just being so sore you begin hating your workouts. Although, in the beginning of your training soreness will probably be a little worse, diet can help this. As well, as staying hydrated, make sure you always bring a water to the gym with you (please be responsible and buy a reusable water bottle, BPA free).  I like to add a tablespoon of


Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar http://www.bragg.com .



Start with 15 minutes of cardio to warm-up with for : increased blood flow to the muscles we’re going to use, flexibility, less risk of injury, increased performance, as well as physiological and psychological (use your inner coach) preparation.

If you’re new to working out, start out on a treadmill, it is going to be the least intimidating piece of equipment and can be conquered pretty easily (you can add leg weights for extra muscle toning, if you have bad joints, though I don’t recommend it).

Random setting is going to be your best bet for weight loss, and it is also easier to stick out a spike of intense cardio by knowing a less intense break is coming. You can also quickly increase your performance and lung capacity.  Start with 15 minutes, on level 5. speed 2.5, complete the cool down.

The Workout


15 Repetitions

3 Sets 

45 Second Break (use your timer on your smart phone, or if you’re old school just count in your head)

Use challenging weight in this workout, don’t be uncomfortable but don’t be comfortable, breathe

I like to start with a very challenging weight and then decrease with each set.

1. Crunch


Make sure you are working with negatives (holding a muscle in a pose for gains) here and let your body  hold the pose for at least 2 seconds before dropping back to your mat, also DO NOT pull on your head you can injure your neck. Learn to lift through your core. Breathe.

2.  Reverse Crunch


Roll your butt and hips up into this position by lifting through your abs, leg lifting exercises help us develop lower stomach definition.

3. Lower Body Twist


Keep your feet together and knees bent, slowly raise up to the middle and then lower to the other side, you will feel this is your core and this will also help reset your spine. Count left to right as one rep.

4.  Dead Bug


Alternate opposite sides

5.  Russian Twist


Start on your left, pause in the middle and swing to the right. Keep your movement steady and sit back far enough to feel a strain in your abs. Left to Right counts as one rep.

6. Lying Superman


Lay flat on your stomach and life your legs and arms as high as you can, pause for 2 seconds when you feel it working your core, then release to the ground with each rep.

7. Front Bridge


Hold your body in this position for 45 seconds


Beginner : Take one day of rest before returning to Day 2

Intermediate/ Expert: Continue on to another workout/target group the next day

Try not to run out and eat something gluttonous after working out, keep it healthy and nutrient rich to keep from dealing with cravings. Lots of water, protein/veggies, and no late night eating (for maximum appetite suppression, make yourself a Red Sunset  juice after wards to eat less at dinner).  See Post Workout Juices.