Bio: I am a 27 year old health enthusiast from Canaan, NH now living in the big little city of Charlotte, NC. I have always had an affinity for the culinary arts, health, and many forms of exercise. As a young girl I was very petite and thin, as I grew up I began to gain weight like crazy. I have tried so many diets (even reverting to extreme ways to lose weight) with very little payoff physically, no satiation, and a lot of frustration. I began doing the "Paleo" or "Caveman diet" summer of 2012 and the results were quick and amazing! A ski accident in the winter of 2013 would destroy all my hard work, as I suffered a torn ACL and lost my ability to even walk right for nearly a year. I lost my figure, my strength, and my confidence. Now I'm starting back from scratch to re-build my body, my health, and my mind. I want to share my journey and my knowledge over the years with those who want to attain a higher level of health, physical fitness, and mental clarity.

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